RE-DESIGNED plans for a supermarket retirement flats have been welcomed after the initial design was likened to a cheap block on the Costa Del Sol.

Jim Penfold, chairman of Bourne End Residents’ Assocation, said his initial reaction to the revised plans for a Sainsbury’s and 25 ‘Later Living’ apartments at Parade Court, Bourne End, was a positive one.

Developer McCarthy and Stone’s previous plans were heavily criticised for being too modern and out of keeping with the surroundings, and were derided by Mr Penfold at November’s planning meeting, where they were rejected.

But he said the newer, more traditional design with a pitched roof, submitted to Wycombe District Council for planning permission on December 21, proves the company has responded to villagers’ concerns.

He said: “It seems McCarthy and Stone have listened to Bourne End and it has listened to the councillors. Clearly there were issues with the design and nearly everyone wanted something traiditonal.

“I have not studied the plans closely or discussed them with the committee but my immediate impression is they will be more in keeping with the architectural style of Bourne End, and for that I am very grateful to McCarthy and Stone.”

However, not everyone agree with the new, traditional design.

The developers insisted the previous design’s flat roof would avoid any undue height which could make the building overbearing.

And neighbouring resident Raina Parker has written to say the increased height would overshadow existing buildings in the vicinity. Wycombe District Council are expected to rule on the plans by April.