A PENSIONER was left appalled after being slapped with a parking fine while she was visiting her grandson's grave.

Eve White, from Great Kingshill, was visiting the Snowdrop Garden at the High Wycombe Cemetery.

Her grandson, Josh, died when he was two days old, as he was premature, in 2001.

Mrs White has visited his grave often over the last 12 years and on Christmas Eve she went to place some items on his grave.

She parked her car on the driveway leading up the cemetery, which she said was off road and not obstructing anybody.

But to her horror she saw she had received a parking ticket, when she returned 10 minutes later.

Her daughter and mother of Josh, Jan McMackin, said: "She went to visit on Christmas Eve and put some things on his grave.

"She was there for ten minutes. There are no restrictions there at all.

"Nothing whatsoever. I just think thanks for your Christmas spirit. The reason why my mother was there because my son died when he was a baby."

The parking ticket said it would be £70 or £35 if paid within the first 14 days.

They wrote a letter to the parking company, which is based in South Yorkshire, and is contracted by Buckinghamshire County Council.

They found out last week their appeal had been rejected.

The company said Mrs White was parked on part of the public highway, where they are parking restrictions.

Mrs McMackin, who has two children and lives in Hazlemere, said her mum is 80 and finds it difficult to walk very far.

She added: "It is the principle of the whole thing. We have been parking there for years and never had a problem."

Communications manager for Transport for Buckinghamshire, Rosemary Bryant, said: "Unfortunately the vehicle was causing an obstruction as it was observed parked wholly on the footway where waiting restrictions apply. NSL Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) have a duty to ensure the footways remain clear for pedestrians and those with buggies and wheelchair users. "Furthermore, the CEO would not be aware why the vehicle had been left on the footway or where the driver/owner was at the time."