A PARISH council has opposed a planning application for a travellers' site, which the applicant wants to make into a prototype with landscaping and play areas.

David Curtis, 48, who currently lives at a travellers' site at Five Oaks Farm in Studley Green wants to build a gypsy caravan site for nine pitches- five transit and four permanent.

He also wants to build a shower block and stables at the site called High Barns in Marlow Road, Cadmore End.

An extraordinary public meeting was held on Monday night by Lane End Parish Council, where the council decided to oppose the application.

Council chairman, Mike Detsiny, said the council has always opposed development on Green Belt and AONB, which this site is on.

He said: "It is quite clear that although the Government want to find sites for travellers the protection of the Green Belt overrides the need, the need being the key word, for the travelling community."

He added the road conditions for access to the site are dangerous, the noise pollution too high and the land could also be contaminated.

There were about 100 people at the meeting, including the applicant Mr Curtis, who said they have carried out pre-application reports.

Mr Curtis said the air has been checked, as has the soil, which have come back clear.

He said he has addressed the issue of noise pollution with suggested bunds and trees. He also said he has met with the Highways Agency who have given the all clear in terms of access.

Mr Curtis added: "There is no accommodation for travellers needs in the area. I am prepared to deal with this site as a prototype. It will be like nothing else seen.

"It won't be like the traditional council run sites which look like concentration camps.

"It is going to be an environment for children with play areas, landscaping and tree planting.

"I am going to live there and run it and uphold the law."

He said the travellers site where he is staying at the moment is at full capacity.

A Cadmore End resident and member of the CELEB action committee said they will continue to raise awareness to try and prevent the application being approved by WDC.

Members of the public have until January 28 to comment on the application which is on the planning portal on WDC's website.