A COMMUNITY safety group says its fears have been realised after figures from a new speed-activated sign revealed over two thirds of motorists driving above the limit at a Flackwell Heath hot spot.

The Hazlemere and Chepping Wycombe Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) were instrumental in installing Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) in December.

And after stints at various locations across the area, statistics show 71 per cent of drivers on Blind Lane over the Christmas period were clocked travelling over 30mph by the automated sign.

David Onslow, vice chairman of the NAG and project manager for the MVAS, said: "The figures have come back for all of the sites, and the sign has proven its point and confirmed what we already thought, which is that a significant number of people are exceeding the speed limit.

"It’s not just one or two drivers, but a lot. We are trying to educate drivers, and a reduction of even a few miles an hour gives a much better chance of survival in an accident.

"Rather than fine drivers we prefer to use the MVAS as a means of slowing traffic down and educating them about the risks."

The MVAS sign flashes a warning at drivers when it clocks them travelling above the 30mph limit, but no fines are issued as a result.

It is rotated among 12 locations throughout Flackwell Heath, Tylers Green and Loudwater.

The system collects data for analysis, and while it does not record the actual speed, it groups vehicles into 5mph bands.

During its time at Blind Lane, just West of Little Close, between December 23 and January 14, 44,079 drivers passed the sensors, with 31,298 registering speeds above 30mph.

Discounting those in the 30-34mph bracket, 18,125 motorists, or 41 per cent, were clocked going 35 or over.

While the majority of speeders did not exceed 40mph, 156 drivers chose to drive above 50 and one topping out the study at between 65 and 69mph.

The sign’s first stint on Straight Bit revealed a similar story, with over a quarter of motorists breaking the limit. Thames Valley Police is working with NAG members to respond to the hotspot areas identified with the moveable signs.

Carol Richards, neighbourhood policing administrator, said: "We are working with the NAG to respond to results from the Movable Vehicle Activiated Road Sign.

"Data so far indicate that there are problems at some sites and the local neighborhood team are working with other departments and agencies to try and address these."

The MVAS cost £6,100 and was bought by Chepping Wycombe Parish Council, to be shared by Flackwell Heath, Loudwater and Tylers Green. It was officially unveiled in November.

The sign was funded by the parish council and the Local Community Partnership, which donated £3,500, with additional funds from the residents associations of Flackwell Heath, Penn and Tylers Green.