'KEEP hold of your sandbags' is the advice from Bucks County Council this week, as residents are urged to stay prepared despite receding flood levels in the last few days.

Over 7000 sandbags have been handed out in the last two weeks, with BCC, Wycombe District Council and Marlow Town Council co-ordinating the operation.

Following a period of drier weather, river levels on the Thames have dropped from near-record levels last week.

But with groundwater still at a dangerously high level, residents are urged not to throw out the flood defences as part of the clean-up process.

BCC Council leader Martin Tett said: "It's not worth taking any risk with your property and our advice is to keep hold of your sandbags while there's still a flood danger.

“Once the risk has passed, we'll be working with other agencies to offer advice on sandbag disposal."