ROADS in Beaconsfield will be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians after a £200,000 improvement plan was agreed.

Bucks County Council have approved three different schemes to improve the safety and overall conditions of the roads.

Janet Blake, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transport, said: “This is a positive step towards sustainable travel in the area, and is part of our ongoing commitment to developing the town's network of cycle routes as funding becomes available.”

Planned improvements will be made to Station Road, the Burkes Road and Ellwood Road junction, plus there are plans for a “cut-through” in Maxwell Road, Caledon Road and One Tree Lane.

Cllr Blake said: “We're very pleased to be able to make these improvements to Beaconsfield's cycle routes to make it easier for cyclists to get to and from the railway station, as well as improving access for pedestrians around Station Road.”

Beaconsfield Cycle Path Action Group (BCP) has been instrumental in having the plans approved.

Three schemes they suggested to the council have been approved and after having minor amendments made to the plans, work should begin in May 2014.

Beaconsfield Town Councillor Matt Denyer, said: “Nearly three years ago I was approached by Belinda Avery who's family own High March School in Ledborough Lane. Her aspiration was a cycle network for the town and to encourage children to walk or cycle more to school.'

He added: “When local people and councillors work together things get done and in this case amazingly fast.

“Thanks to the likes of Belinda Avery of BCP, Becca Dengler of Bucks CC, Beaconsfield road users can look forward to safer conditions for all, not just cyclists and pedestrians but car users too.”

After a consultation on the plans in January all three were approved with a large majority of the vote.

The Station Road project was approved after 137 people voted for it, 42 voted against and 39 abstained from voting.

Original plans included the removal of the min-roundabout at Station Approach but this has since been dismissed with a new ‘right turn lane’ planned to be installed.

Changes have also been made to the Burkes Road/ Ellwood Road junction but the third scheme was approved without any amendments.

Cllr Denyer added: “The last few months have been a race to consult on what will be the biggest change to Beaconsfield New Towns road layout in years which will not only improve cycling and walking but also make the whole pedestrian shopping experience to the town a whole lot nicer.”