A QUESTIONNAIRE is going out to parishioners in the Hughenden parish about residents' top priorities and concerns.

Hughenden Parish Council is distributing the parish plan questionnaire to every household in the parish.

Councillors want to get a feel for residents' priorities, concerns and aspirations in areas where HPC can potentially make a difference, either directly by their own action or by using their influence with other organisations, such as Wycombe District Council, Bucks County Council, or Transport for Bucks.

HPC want to understand what matters to most residents from various backgrounds and age groups.

Chairman Roger Beavil said: "Please use the opportunity to spend a few minutes filling in the questionnaire.

"The view of each and every household does matter. Then pop the completed form into the reply-paid envelope before the end of March, and post it to HPC. The envelope does not require a stamp."

A summary of the responses will be published on the HPC website, and it will help them identify the community's key priorities for the future which will be incorporated into a parish plan.