DANGEROUS and obstructive parking can be avoided if parents either park sensibly or walk their kids to school, according to residents and a Beaconsfield headteacher.

Beaconsfield is becoming well known for its lack of available parking spaces but a parent of a Butlers Court pupil has complained about the available provisions in the schools surrounding streets.

Co-founder of a local award winning water treatment company, James McEvoy was angry with the way traffic wardens “targeted parents”, who had no choice but to park illegally, although not in a restricting way.

He said: “I now do the school run as my wife is working again, Butlers Court has about 400, 500, children and no proper car park.

“I know residents have complained, and I can see the issue if people are actually obstructing them.”

He added: “I have lived in a house near a school and you have to take it as it is.

“Because of the restrictions along the road I have to park them (the children) miles away, it is very inconvenient, I run my own business, we live busy lives, we don’t need things like this.”

However, the Butlers Court headteacher feels that more people should walk or cycle to school, or leave earlier if they want a space.

Mrs Jeanette Marshall, said: “In this day and age we encourage people to walk to school, if you live locally then you’re able to walk to school.”

“If those parents want to park illegally it is up to them, but those restrictions are likely to be enforced.”

Two grandparents who came to collect their daughter’s children this week also had trouble parking close to the school.

William Highsted, said: “Some of the schools in the area don’t have parking at all and I can see how it can be difficult for some parents.”

However, one resident was keen to point out there are many spaces along Grove Road for parents to pick up and drop off their children, saying they don’t all have to huddle near the entrance to the alley which leads to the school.

Stephen Brandon, who lives along Grove Road, said: “There are massive provisions for parking on this road.

“The only way to deal with the illegal parking is to have proper restrictions and proper enforcement.

“We have only recently had restrictions put in place to stop people parking in front of our driveways.

“In some incidences I have occasionally had to put notes on cars. If anyone parks illegally and obstructs my driveway I will photo them and report them.”

Mr Brandon, 66, added: “They (parents) should let children walk to school or cycle; it would be nice to see some people using these cycle routes.”