A SPECIAL performance will be held next month to mark the centenary anniversary of the start of World War I and to remember our local heroes.

As part of the annual Beaconsfield Society's literary event, a wide variety of poetry, prose and songs about the war will be read.

Included in the poetry is a piece by Julian Grenfell, who had family connections with the Grenfell’s of Wilton Park, Beaconsfield.

The Grenfell brothers were noted for their efforts during the First World War, with one brother named as one of the first to receive the Victoria Cross honour for gallantry in action.

The event named ‘Behind the Lines’, will tell the story of what people thought at home at the start of the War, and what soldiers experienced on the Front Line, as it went into its second, third and fourth years.

Works will include that of soldier poets Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas, Ivor Gurney, Isaac Rosenberg and Robert Frost.

Gabriel Woolf and Linda Hart will be reading the works during the event.

Mr Woolf said: “Humour helped the soldiers to survive, so our programme includes readings from the pages of the famous trench newspaper, The Wipers Times, which will provide some laughter.

“We've also included some snatches of WWI songs to lighten the atmosphere, as they did for the soldiers."

Linda Hart said: "I am pleased to be reading several works by women who express their joy, their fears and then their anger as time and the war goes on.”

“As an expat American I am pleased we have included a poem by Robert Frost, who lived in Beaconsfield from 1912 to 1914.”

The WWI event will be held on Saturday, April 12 at the Fitzwilliam Centre in Windsor End, Beaconsfield between 2.30pm and 6pm.

Tickets cost £10. For more information visit: www.beaconsfieldsociety.org.uk, or call 08452 303232.