CONCERNED homeowners along the main road between Bourne End and Wooburn Green have asked the council to consider traffic measures to stop accidents.

It was reported by the Thames Valley Incident Recording System that since 2009 there has been 33 crashes on Cores End Road.

Resident, Miriam Blazey, said: “I think it is an accident waiting to happen, the last six to eight months have been a nightmare.”

“There are many reasons for the accidents but I think speed is a big factor.

“We have all got 30mph signs on our bins because we are so concerned.”

Last year it was reported by the police that seven accidents occurred, two more than the previous year, whilst there was a total of nine accidents/ incidents in 2010.

And although the figures state there has been a high number of crashes on the road, residents believe this number would be even higher if all accidents were reported.

“It would be useful to have something in to see how many people break the speed limit. I don’t think traffic has exponentially increased it’s that the traffic just seems to go too fast.”

Calls have now been made asking for funding from the Parish Council to put in place a Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) which could act as a traffic calming measure.

Michael Reeves, Chairman of Planning, Highways and Lighting for Bourne End and Wooburn Parish Council has said he is happy to listen to people’s concerns.

He said: “We are aware that it is a problem especially with big vehicles using the road which at times can be narrow.”

He added that although an issue for Bucks County Council the Parish could possibly work to arrange for funding to be put in place.

“If people get in touch with us and let us know their concerns then we can try and do something about it” he said.