FROM Hackney to Hollywood starring Martine McCutheon transformed a Wycombe Swan audience all the way to the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood stage.

During a night dedicated to songwriter Don Black, a huge range was achieved in singing, emotion and audience connection as the crowd were left waiting for every word.

Compiled in an autobiographical way, the five-strong performers told jokes, quoted Don Black from his book and most importantly sang a host of his famous songs.

As the headline act Martine McCutheon’s performances were the most anticipated, and rightly so as the former Eastenders star had the audience laughing in one act and close to tears in the next.

Performing alongside her husband, Jack McManus, Martine was back to her best with a microphone in her hand.

Gary Wilmot also proved to be a big fan favourite throughout the show as he told jokes at Don’s expense and sang his heart out in honour of the songwriter.

A montage of James Bond songs which were written by Don Black, including Diamonds are Forever, Thunderball and the World is Not Enough were massively enjoyed by all.

One of the five performers who took to the stage alongside a brilliant chamber orchestra, Ricardo Afonso, was suggested for the role after his performance on the second series of The Voice UK.

His performance of Voice-coach Tom Jones’ Thunderball, was brilliant and stole the show as he recreated the famous song and even hit the very long and high ending note.

As the cast described to the audience, the last note requires so much energy, the legendary Welsh singer even fainted after hitting it.

Don Black was given a standing ovation at the end of the show, as the quiet man came on stage to thank the performers.

Dedicating all his songs to his wife he admitted to having an amazing career, although he never thought he would have a show dedicated to him.

Brilliant performances of songs like Born Free, Ben and Amigos Para Siempre ensured the show was a success.

However, the strong undercurrent of the evening was the comedic elements.

Starting out in his long career, Don Black admitted he always wanted to be a comedian and that element of his life was shown throughout the show.

The audience were in stitches when the performers started to sing Anyone Can Fall in Love, the Eastenders theme tune, which former soap-star Martine McCutheon didn’t realise was in the script.

The five performers made the show what it was, funny, entertaining and an extremely enjoyable evening out.

The show is now due to be performed across England, including in Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester plus more.