SEE How They Run was a laugh-a-minute farce of ‘small proportions’, with all the actors under four feet, this certainly wasn’t your typical comedy.

Led by the brilliant Warwick Davis the cast each had their comedy values as they recreated the famous play set at the end of World War Two.

Set in the lounge of the village vicarage, the ensuing madness sprawled across the stage over the course of the evening.

The scenes are farcical from the very beginning with Reverend Lionel Toop and his wife, Penelope Toop – a former actress – entertaining local busy body, Miss Skillon.

Penelope Toop acts exactly how a vicar’s wife wouldn’t be expected to, and after blowing a kiss to passing troops, Miss Skillon decides enough is enough.

The farce soon begins as Warwick Davis, as the vicar, tries to calm the two angry women.

Throughout the performance the actions of the characters vary from the mad, the bizarre and the crazy, but always entertaining.

Warwick Davis who has had parts in both Star Wars and Harry Potter, held all the madness together.

The best comedy acts of the evening included the moment one of the characters got drunk from the cooking sherry.

The audience were in stitches as Penelope and her friend Lance-Corporal Clive Winton reminisced about their own tour and the three awful nights they spent in... High Wycombe!

However, it was the character of Ida the Maid played by Francesca Mills, who was performing in her first ever professional production, that proved to be the fan favourite.

With her overly enthusiastic actions and her comical accent people of all ages enjoyed her moments on stage.

With her gestures and slapstick actions always likely to make the younger children laugh, her slightly older jokes had the older audience members chuckling too.

The new theatre company’s debut performance was a big success with the audience wanting more even after the final curtain call.

The show itself was a great surprise. Many have attempted to perform such plays, however, little have as much of an effect as the Reduced Height Theatre Company did.

This really was a show for the whole family, with children, teenagers, parents and grandparents all laughing at the chaotic performance.

The cast and crew will be staying in High Wycombe for the rest of the week before they go across the UK to Derby, Manchester, Cardiff and more.

See How They Run will be performed at the Wycombe Swan until April 5. For ticket information, please visit: