FREE wood is up for grabs from a waste recycling centre in High Wycombe from the start of next week.

Unseasoned wood is being given away at High Heavens from April 14 while stocks last, after a number of trees that lined the access road to the site were recently felled.

The trees were removed to allow widening of the access road in preparation of the construction of the Waste Transfer Station at High Heavens.

The recovered wood has been cut down to manageable sizes and will be given away free of charge to residents.

To make sure the giveaway is not abused by traders, the wood will be put out at random times each day – with no scheduled pattern - and the amount that can be collected per visit will be limited. Other restrictions include the following: • Customers must load their own vehicles.

• Each resident will be limited to collect the equivalent to half a family car boot per visit (with seats in an upright position).

• Commercial vehicles and trailers will be limited to equivalent of half a family car boot (determined at the discretion of on-site staff).

• Determining what the equivalent of half a car boot is, will be at the site staffs discretion.

• Wood will be put out at random times each day, with no scheduled pattern.

• The wood giveaway will end when available stocks have been used and no advance notice will be given when the event ends.

Residents are also advised the wood is fresh (up to 50 per cent water) and will need to be seasoned (dried) before you can burn it in your fireplace. It can only be burnt when it is at 20per cent water contents, which takes six to 12 months with a wood such as pine.

Burning unseasoned or even partially seasoned wood in your stove or fireplace will cause creosote build-up in your chimney, which can lead to a roomful of smoke, a lack of fire or even a chimney fire.

For guidance on curing wood, go to:$FILE/eng-woodfuel-woodasfuelguide.pdf