THE POPULAR series of Jonathan Creek returned to our screens this year with three hour long specials for BBC1. Alan Davies has played the popular sleuth since 1997 but in a different role he will bringing his new stand-up tour to Aylesbury this month, which is a lot more personal than his last tour, he said.

There is a huge fan base for Jonathan Creek- the British mystery series written by David Renwick- which sees Alan Davies playing the character who solves seemingly supernatural events.

Launched in 1997 it was Alan's big break and has continued to attract a large audience, with much excitement when a new series is announced.

Alan, 48, who is also a regular panellist on BBC2 panel show, QI, said: "It is such a long time ago I started doing it. We make the occasional special and people buy the box sets and there are reruns on Dave [a comedy channel]- it is on all the time on that.

"I get people, quite young people, students saying 'We love Jonny Creek.'

"I think: '17 years ago when we started you were probably about four'. It is nice- the QI audience feed into it a bit.

"It is a great privilege. It was a big break for me when it happened."

It was the first ever drama series for Alan and the show won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series in 1998. He laughed he hasn't won one since, and said perhaps he peaked too soon.

But he said: "It is great. It is really nice. I get most of the public reaction on Twitter. There are a huge number of Tweets about Jonathan Creek."

In the last three episodes we saw Jonathan settle into married life with Polly (played by Sarah Alexander). But will there be any more episodes?

He said: "It is always up to David. These may be the last ones, he may think of some more. You never know. Jonathan hasn't been run over in a Victor Meldrew way in One Foot in the Grave."

Alan has been on the quiz show, QI, since it first started 11 years ago with host, Stephen Fry.

He said: "QI is good fun and in rude health. Stephen and I thoroughly enjoy the 12 series. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May to do some more episodes. This will be the 12th year."

And before that he is back to stand- up. In 2012, he returned to the stand-up arena with a huge national tour of the show, Life Is Pain after a break of 12 years. It was a success. And now he is back with his second called Little Victories.

He said: "This show is a bit riskier for me- a bit more personal. I am taking a bit of a chance.

"The material is better able to develop and there is more for the audience to get into."

He said: "I think it is going to be a stronger, better show. We shall wait and see."

The show focuses on how to be a good parent- Alan has two children, Susie, four and Robert, two with his wife, Katie and he said it left him looking at the way his dad brought him up and how he is bringing his own kids up. It is also about the little victories you enjoy.

He said: "You get to a point in your life, I have got children, and my father has done well. You think how he parented me and how I parent my own kids and I looked at my relationship with him and them.

"It resonates with the audiences."

So why did he decide to return to stand-up after such a long break? He said: "I was getting the itch to do it. I was getting a few knock backs in others area. Whites [Alan played the lead role Roland White] was axed after one series.

"It took me six months to write a book and about six people bought it.

"I thought that is not going the way I want, I might as well write material. There is an audience out there and so many comedians out there on the road touring.

"It all played out really well."

Alan Davies is at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on April 24 at 8pm. Tickets are £25 (with a £3.90 booking fee) from 0844 8717607 or go to

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