Name: Si Rolls

Pub: The Sugar Loaf, Little Chalfont

How long have you been a regular here? I'm 41 now and I've played on the pool team since I was 15, so nearly 30 years.

How often do you come here? On days ending in the letter Y.

What do you like about this pub? Very friendly bar staff and very friendly locals. It's a hub of the community. It's a fantastic place to come and chill out after work and play a game of pool. I come here every Saturday for food and it's absolutely top notch. It's a great social way to relax.

Do you have a regular table? I play a lot of pool down here so normally I'm round by the pool table chatting with the bar staff.

What's your regular drink? Carlsberg usually, but all the drinks are well served and well kept. When I bring friends here they're always amazed by the selection of drinks.