WORK to improve High Wycombe town centre begins this summer – including the creation of an alternative route across the town.

Westbourne Street will be redeveloped to link West Wycombe Road with Desborough Road, as part of a £4m highways project which also includes the demolition of the old gasworks site in Lily’s Walk.

The public space around Paul’s Row will be upgraded to “create a greener, cleaner, more vibrant approach to the town centre” and improve connectively to and from Buckinghamshire New University.

It is all part of Wycombe District Council’s High Wycombe Masterplan.

Leader Cllr Richard Scott said: “With the A40 crossing between The Rye and the town centre completed, we're now turning our attention to other improvements to the public realm and the infrastructure in the town.

“WDC is more than aware that town centres - not just Wycombe - are changing and we need to adapt to ensure future growth and prosperity.

“So we'll keep discussing ideas, putting plans in place and making necessary improvements to keep the town centre a vibrant place that people want to come and spend time and money in."

WDC has already begun repainting street furniture and is working with Buckinghamshire County Council to improve the town’s street paving.

The authority is also refurbishing two recently-purchased empty units in Frogmoor and Church Street ahead of welcoming new tenants.

Cllr Scott said the council is fully aware Frogmoor is in need of attention and it was working on “short, medium and long term targets”.

The council leader highlighted other work going on around the town, including the ongoing revamp of the Old Town Hall and the continued redevelopment of the Hughenden Quarter - which will see a new base for BCC and a day centre joining BNU accomodation on the site.

Construction work on a spine road connecting High Wycombe with Hughenden will begin at the end of July.