A PUSHCHAIR was one of the items discarded alongside the Marlow Bypass as more than two tonnes of litter was collected from during a recent clean-up operation.

Wycombe District Council is encouraging motorists to dispose of their rubbish responsibly after street cleaning contractor Serco carried out the tidy-up on the A404.

Cllr Jean Teesdale, Wycombe District Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "Keeping Wycombe and Chiltern's streets and roads clean costs the two councils about £2.1million pounds a year, as part of the joint contract we have.

"The cost to clean Marlow Bypass alone is nearly £8,000 and this is done up to three times a year. People should take responsibility for their environment, locally and further afield.

"Just because you are on the move, it's is no excuse to spoil the area you're driving through and leave others to deal with your thoughtlessness. All we're asking is for motorists to dispose of the rubbish in their vehicles responsibly."

The council says almost 75 per cent of the rubbish that was collected from alongside the bypass could have been recycled, either at home or at various collection points around the district and beyond.

Of the litter collected from alongside the A404, the most common items were cans, plastic, paper and cardboard.

Some of the more unusual items which were collected were bits of metal, tyres and even a child's pushchair.

The rubbish would either have been thrown from moving vehicles or illegally dumped.

Litter thrown onto our roads and streets can cause a safety hazard to pedestrians and other vehicles, while the task of clearing roadsides puts workers at risk.

Roadside signs have now been erected to remind motorists to take their litter home with them.

Anyone that drops litter in a public place is committing a criminal offence and they can be fined under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

The fine is between £50 and £80 and if not paid, a magistrates' court can impose a fine of up to £2,500.