TRAVELLERS occupying land in High Wycombe are due to evicted from private land for the second time in a day.

Almost ten caravans are now parked up on Booker Common after vacating land on Holmers Farm Way during the night.

It was a reported by a Wycombe District Councillor yesterday that over 30 caravans were parked up outside the Johnson and Johnson site.

Police officers served an eviction order against the travellers this morning but have now been forced to issue another order after they reportedly broke onto Booker Common.

Travellers have been told by police they will be forcefully removed from the area if they have not gone by 7pm today.

The inspector who issued the order said: “We have served a Section 61 of criminal justice and public disorder act.”

“We have the right to remove them forcefully after the owner of the land asked them to leave and they refused.”

One of the travellers claimed police told them they were not wanted in High Wycombe.

Tommy Lee, 25, said: “We just want somewhere to stay for a couple of days, two or our vans have broken down and we just want to fix them but they don’t trust us.

“They think ‘they are gypsies, not good for anything but stealing’. We didn’t break onto the land; nothing was secured so we didn’t break in.

“Now they have said that we will have to leave before seven or they will come and take all our stuff.”