TRAVELLERS left behind 15 tonnes of rubbish when they were evicted from a site in Cressex this week.

The group caused uproar amongst residents in High Wycombe as they twice moved onto private land in the town and left rubbish behind.

A Wycombe District Councillor has described the travellers as “thoughtless” and also commended Red Kite for the cleanup.

A small group first moved onto Red Kite land outside the Johnson and Johnson site in Holmers Farm Way last week telling the Bucks Free Press they would be moving off soon.

However, the group of six caravans grew to over 30 vehicles on Saturday, May 3, and after being evicted by police on Wednesday this week they set up camp in Booker Common, less than half a mile from the Cressex site.

The travellers left a great deal of rubbish behind in Cressex including 13 gas canisters, bags of rubbish and in some places human excrement.

Cllr Brian Pearce said: “They made a right mess of the Johnson and Johnson site, they don’t live by the same rules we all follow.

“They want to live on the outside of society but then they come and break into land that isn’t theirs and leave all this behind, I just think it is thoughtless.

“I have to say though, Red Kite did a great job in having all the rubbish removed in such a quick amount of time, in less than a day.”

In total two rubbish trucks which carry room for 7.5 tonnes of rubbish removed what was left behind.

Red Kite spokesman, Zosia Katnik, said: “Now that the travellers have vacated our land, we have already carried out some immediate security work on site and will continue to carry out additional work to secure it even further.

“We are also now working to secure other vulnerable Red Kite sites across the district.”

Cllr Pearce who lives in Booker Common was happy to see not as much rubbish was left behind there after they were again moved on.

They were evicted by police for the second time in a day at 7pm on Wednesday.

Police followed the travellers out of the area onto the M40 but it is unknown where they were planning to go next.

This comes after travellers broke into land in Hughenden two weeks ago and were forced away by more than 20 police officers.

It is now believed they are occupying land in Chalfont St Peter.

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