FROM the top of the charts to standing ovations in the West End, Marti Pellow has seen and done it all.

This week he spoke to Freetime about his performance in Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Evita as well as his vast music career as a solo artist and alongside the other members of Wet Wet Wet.

The Scottish singer has said he feels privileged to perform in one of the best known theatre productions in the world - Evita.

He said: "I think the show is going very, very, good, it is a very popular show, it always seems to be well received wherever we go.

"I do really enjoy it [performing in Evita], I have been doing it for about six to eight months so it always helps if you enjoy it.

"It is such a well known production, there is a lot for us to live up to, you know. I grew up listening to some of these songs being performed by people like David Essex on Top of the Pops.

"They are all great pieces, it is it my first Andrew Lloyd-Webber piece and it is full of great songs like ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’, it is all just legendary music."

Marti admitted that he had nerves before performing in his first Lloyd-Webber musical, but he now regards it amongst some of his best work.

When discussing if you need to approach prestigious roles differently, Marti said: "I never approach and go to anything like that, it’s you performing it, it’s always going to be different but that is the beauty of the part.

"You know it is always different every time someone else performs it. It’s always going to sound different so that gives you your chance to put your own stamp on it.

"I don’t try and change things too much, nothing in the show is radically different we always keep the same wheels but just change the spokes.

"I think it is important you enjoy these roles when you take shows, sometimes you’re doing eight shows a week, it is so important you really enjoy what you’re doing."

Speaking of Lloyd-Webber he said: "I find it amazing that he was able to write such amazing stuff at that age.

"I said 'what must you have been eating and drinking to create all this' and he said 'I don’t know what it was but whatever it was I will have another plate' - it just blows me away."

Having had three number one hits with Wet Wet Wet, including Love is All Around and With a Little Help from My Friends, Marti knows all too well how important chemistry is when taking on a performance.

He said: "I think the production is great, great cast, performers and the crew the whole thing is great.

"I think that is a great bonus if you have a good chemistry and relationship with people you work with, no matter what you do it makes a difference, especially when they are so talented."

His current venture with Evita is just the latest in a long list of successful performances.

He has performed in Chicago, Jekyll and Hyde and Blood Brothers.

Despite a long career in the studio and on-stage he says he has only been to High Wycombe once before and has never performed in Aylesbury.

He said: "I did come to High Wycombe with Witches of Eastwick but I don’t think I have ever been to Aylesbury.

"From what I remember it was a nice wee little theatre which I think is great, similar to in Malvern (where I am at the moment).

"You can get between 800 and 1,000 people there and I think that is great, it makes the performance more intimate it allows the audience to really engage in it."

Although Marti still has two months left on stage he is now looking forward to more work with Wet Wet Wet and even hinted at the possible release of new material.

He said: "I think it is all about balance in life. I love singing what people want to hear, most people will remember and know me for Wet Wet Wet.

"What’s next? I don’t know yet, making solo stuff, maybe a new album with Wet Wet Wet but nothing is set in stone.

"We talk about that when we are sitting around a table eating, but the logistics of just getting us around the table is hard enough with people coming from America.

"If we do release new stuff we will do it on our own terms, because we want to do it, not because a record company dictates it to us, not if we are too broke so we have to do it.

"You have got to want to make it so it still has something behind it, will there even be an audience for us if we come back?

"I will just keep writing away new material possibly even something for musical theatre seems to be something I would like to write."

Marti will soon be back on the road with his band again as Wet Wet Wet embark on a race course tour.

Evita is at the Wycombe Swan next week from May 27 to May 31 at 7.30pm, with Wednesday and Saturday matinees at 2.30pm and on Friday performances will be at 5pm and 8pm. Tickets are £20.50 to £39, with a £1.50 booking fee.

It is also on at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from July 14 to 19 at 7.30pm, with Thursday and Saturday matinees at 2.30pm. Tickets are £12.90 to £42.90, which includes a £2.85 booking fee, from 0844 8717607 or go to