A CONSERVATIVE MP said the results of the European Parliament elections is proof Britain needs a referendum on membership of the EU.

Four of the ten seats in the South East were won by UKIP, in a move widely regarded as being a protest vote against the three main political parties.

Elsewhere in Europe the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party and France's far right Front National both had levels of success similar to those enjoyed by UKIP, while Greece elected at least three members of the neo Nazi Golden Dawn party to the European Parliament.

Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan said the results are proof people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the European Parliament and want the institution to be reformed.

Prime Minister David Cameron made a referendum over EU membership a key election pledge ahead of the 2010 General Election and Mrs Gillan said holding the vote was essential.

She said: "We need to deliver real change on Europe, because people don’t think it is working for our country, Britain. There has to be reform and the results throughout the continent of Europe demonstrate that.

"The people of Britain have to have their say with an in/out referendum, which only the Conservatives can deliver.

"As Conservatives, we need to maintain our long term economic plan. We have to be responsive to people’s needs, as well as acting responsibly – delivering more on the economy, on jobs, on welfare and immigration, and for our schools."