FUNDING the Wycombe Dial-a-Ride receives from Wycombe District Council has been slashed – to the annoyance of users of the service.

The authority will hand £42,000 to the Dial-a-Ride this year but the grant will be cut to £23,500 for 2015/16, subject to a two year service level agreement.

WDC said the decision to bring the level of funding it provided in-line with that of Buckinghamshire County Council was made after a major grants review.

In a statement, WDC said: “We are conscious of the challenges that a reduction in grant funding could pose and gave Wycombe Dial-a-Ride advance notice that this would be the case, phasing the reduction over two years.

“We have a long association with Wycombe Dial-a-Ride and continue to recognise the value of the service for local people, as well as the sustained efforts made in recent years to modernise the service.

“We hope that it will be possible for the organisation to explore new opportunities and to make the best use of available funding, in order that those with mobility difficulties will continue to be helped.”

June Little, from High Wycombe, said Wycombe Dial-a-Ride bosses had notified all regular users about the drop in funding in a letter and she now fears for the future of the service.

She said: “So many older people use Dial a Ride and they are really good drivers. We can’t always afford taxis, they aren’t cheap.

“I can’t get around so easily, I’m not that steady on my feet and if you are not able to walk very far it’s so useful.

"I can get myself down the road to take a bus but I can’t manage it if I want to do a big shop.

“It really is a good service. It’s very busy and well worth the money.”