A SCAM involving people claiming to be former convicts working as door to door salesmen is taking place in the county, police have warned.

South Bucks residents have been contacting Thames Valley Police about a bogus young offenders' scheme operating in the county.

Investigating officers say the bogus salesmen target one area at a time and knock at doors claiming to be ex-convicts and try to sell the occupant everyday households products such as dusters and house cleaning products at high prices.

Police have said salesmen are not involved in any officially recognised offender rehabilitation programme and many do not carry Pedlar’s Certificates, which are issued by the police and permit people to sell door-to-door.

Officers say the certificates are only issued under very strict conditions and suspicious homeowners can contact the police station it was issued at in order to prove if it’s genuine. Selling door to door without this certificate is a criminal offence.

Anyone suspicious of a caller at their home should contact police on 101.