A SHORT service to commemorate the D-Day landings was held at All Saints Church in High Wycombe yesterday. 

At 12pm members of the High Wycombe Royal British Legion, dignitaries and ex-servicemen gathered at the war memorial by the church. 

The D-Day landings on Normandy’s beaches, on June 6, 1944, marked the start of Operation Overlord - the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe during the Second World War.

Thousands of British, Canadian and American troops landed on five heavily fortified French beaches in a carefully planned attack.

By the end of D-Day the Allies had gained a key foothold in France – one that would ultimately help to bring the conflict to an end, with the defeat of Nazi Germany coming 11 months later.

The cost to the Allied forces was heavy, though - Portsmouth’s D-Day museum believes that as many as 4,413 troops lost their lives that day.