HOARDES of skateboarders took to the streets at the weekend as Marlow joined in a worldwide day to promote the sport.

Over 100 boarders gathered for the worldwide Go Skateboarding Day, organised in Marlow for the fourth year in a row by skateboard shop Sputnik.

As well as a day of competitions and events at the Higginson Park skatepark, the throng of wheeled revellers also crossed Marlow Bridge, to the surprise of passing motorists and tourists.

Sputnik manager Rich Wilder said: “It was fantastic to get everybody down here, it’s the fourth year we’ve done it and to have that number of people come to Marlow, we’re pretty pleased with that.

"Having it on the weekend this year meant the kids weren’t in school and could come along. The youngest was about four up to people in their mid 30s, and we had a few dads there!

“We didn’t get permission (for the bridge), we just jumped into the traffic really. We looked at it that we would be like one big moving car and queued until we crossed.

“But we went back to the park soon after that. We tried to be as responsible as we could, but did wanted to get some videos for advertising.”

Police confirmed they had no calls relating to the group during the whole day, despite one youngster seen clambering on the bridge.

Mr Wilder, who manages the independent skate and snowboard store on West Street, said the success of the day showed how popular the sport is with today’s young people.

And the 29-year-old skater said the shop acts as a hub for enthusiasts and tries to help break the negative reputation surrounding skateboarding.

He said: “It (skateboarding) is definitely on the up at the moment, after the scooter craze a couple of years ago a lot of the kids picked up skateboards. It’s huge in mainstream fashion now too.

“We have been around for 15 years now and it has not got that stigma like it used to. We’re hopefully addressing that reputation.

“We are as helpful as possible, and the feedback we get from parents has been fantastic.”

Mr Wilder said the store has forged links with schools and would get involved in lobbying for more facilities for Marlow’s young people if and when they outgrow the existing skate park, which is maintained by Wycombe District Council.