CHILDREN got the chance to touch animals from the rainforest as a zoo came to the school.

Impeyan Productions, the zoo that comes to you, visited Radnage Church of England Primary School in the run up to the village's fete.

They brought along an armadillo, bats, lizards and a host of other exotic animals to teach them some facts about the Amazon.

Headteacher Elizabeth Ramm said: "They were absolutely thrilled with it all. They were rainforest animals.

"They talk about it all different levels, depending what age the children are.

"They give a bit of background to the animal habitat and what they would like to eat."

The children were then allowed to touch the animals, if they wanted to.

The theme for the school's fete was Brazil, to tie in with the World Cup.

They also hold an educational class linked to the fete in the run up to the day.

The fete went well and raised £5,500. The money has been put towards the outdoor classroom, which was put up last week.