THE Overtones at Henley Festival had people in the audience dancing and clapping to their upbeat, fun music.

So it was a bit of a change of pace when Rebecca Ferguson came on and launched into a range of ballads- it would have been better if the set was the other way around.

But as always, the festival provided that touch of glamour on the banks of the River Thames, with quirky entertainers roaming through the smartly dressed festival-goers.

There is a lot to see and do at this annual festival which lasts five days and welcomes a different act each night.

The Roving Eccentrica are hired by the festival to show off their talents to the guests, while they are wandering the grounds.

They can be quite bizarre- Swyron, a 'steampunk warrior' was dressed in a mask and bejewelled armour and driving around on a quad type vehicle.

There were also four people dressed in mirrors and an act called Bedlam Oz, where four people were dressed in silver cylinders and acted like hoover-like worms. It was quite odd, but entertaining.

Some of the less bizarre included Wildflower- a beautiful string quartet; La Luna- an impressive acrobat and dancer and Walks of Art, a duo dressed in art.

As well as the Roving Eccentrica there is also impressive and unusual art work on display in the galleries.

There are also various tents to explore with different music being performed, which also makes a night to remember.

Last night The Overtones took to the floating stage at 8.30pm and they were bouncing with energy.

They happily and elegantly sang their way through of range of well known songs including Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Saturday Night at the Movies and The Bare Necessities.

The audience loved it and were dancing and swaying and generally having a very good time.

The five male singers, who made it into the charts in 2010, had good chat between the songs and they were generally good fun.

Next, a very glamorous and pregnant Rebecca Ferguson came on stage with her fantastic band.

But the change of pace wasn't quite right, and after The Overtones her songs seemed too slow.

However, there is no denying this X-Factor runner's up voice is amazing and quite unique- it sounds a lot richer and stronger than her age.

She did a brilliant rendition of Rolling in the Deep. Nothing's Real About Love and I Hope were also beautiful.

The sun was shining for the evening, which helps this great festival go swimmingly and there is also a spectacular fireworks display at the end of the night.

The Henley Festival is a great night out. Go to