ONE of Beaconsfield old town’s most influential organisations could soon be forced to stop serving the needs of residents.

The Beaconsfield Old Town Residents Association (BOTRA) has been appealing for more members to come forward with their long-standing chairman soon to stand down.

Current BOTRA chairman John Brown, is planning to move to Poole with his wife and leave Beaconsfield where they have lived for almost 25 years.

The group are now pleading for more volunteers to come forward if they want the organisation to continue.

Mr Brown said: “We are in the position at the moment that if we don’t have someone step forward to take up the role, BOTRA will not be able to continue.

“I think that would be a real shame for the town. People often come up to us and ask for our help on a certain issue but no-one seems keen to actually get involved themselves.

“It will be a shame to leave the group but we think it is time to move away and live by the sea.

“When I joined BOTRA it was in trouble and looked likely to fold so I stepped forward, with the help of others I managed to build it back up, but now it looks like we are in the same place again.”

A group statement on Twitter, said: “Well it appears time is running out for us here in BOTRA a voice for residents looks like coming to a close in September.”

If you are interested in getting involved in BOTRA please email Secretary Judy McDonnell on

How significant would the loss of this organisation be for the town? Have your say by emailing