WHEN sculptor Andrew Sinclair couldn’t find anyone to supply him with the traditional hand-crafted tools he needed for his work, he decided to take drastic action.

Andrew, who runs the Sculpture School in Wendover, gave up looking elsewhere – and began making them himself as a business sideline.

Now he is hoping Sinclair Sculpture Tools will begin to take off in art shops around the world.

“It’s not only a case of making money for myself – I really am passionate about restoring traditional craftsmanship back into sculpture,” he said.

“These tools are really critical for me during the sculpting process and yet I couldn’t find any company anywhere these days that was making the type that I need.

“As a result, people have forgotten what a real sculpture tool is. Most people nowadays use pottery tools thinking they are for sculpture but they are totally inadequate because they are designed instead for turning clay on a wheel.”

Last week, Andrew and his partner Diane Coates showed off the tools and the rest of their business to Aylesbury MP David Lidington who took up an invitation to visit the studio in Rocky Lane, Wendover.

Mr Lidington said: “It’s good to see traditional craftsmanship being revived and renewed for a new generation. It’s very important that these artistic skills are maintained as living traditions and the tools that Andrew has designed and created will help to achieve this.”

The tools are made from boxwood that is over 120 years old and which comes from sustainably-managed ancient woodland.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Diane are enjoying huge success as joint curators of the Great British Sculpture Show at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Attendances have risen by 19 per cent since the show, which runs until September 30, began in April.

Mr Lidington described Andrew and Diane’s studio as an ‘inspiring and artistic venture’, adding: “I hope many more people will discover Andrew’s skills by perhaps visiting the Hatfield House exhibition.”

• For more details on Sinclair Sculpture Tools: www.sinclairsculpturetools.com, or ring 01296 620099.

• For more on the Hatfield House exhibition: www.thegreatbritishsculptureshow.co.uk