CONCERNED residents have reacted angrily to plans which could see 22 homes built on the former railway line linking Bourne End to High Wycombe.

The proposal which was sent to Wycombe District Council for consideration last month would see the railway developed and a new pedestrian and cycle path built.

However, plans for the land near Cores End Road, and north of Mount Pleasant Cottages and Trees Road, has caused anger amongst villagers.

Commenting on the application, Marilyn Gooch from Cores End Road, said: “This application is the thin end of the wedge for the people of Bourne End to lose a valuable area of wild vegetation.

“The prospect of 22 houses being crammed into this space is ludicrous and will completely change the character of this part of Cores End Road.

“The idea that we should welcome a mixed use cycle/footpath to connect Bourne End to Wooburn Green is laughable.

“People walk and cycle between the two now using the existing paths shown on the application photographs. There is no need to "upgrade" the land by destroying habitats.”

Mrs Gooch added: “This natural barrier between Cores End Road and the neighbouring housing is too precious to be lost.

“I consider this to be an overdevelopment which smacks of desperation to make money at all costs.”

In the initial plans sent to WDC, the developer said the proposal aims to build 22 two to three bedroom dwellings and create a footpath and cycleway between Cores End Road and Wooburn Green.

The new footpath and cycle network would aim to link to other open spaces and as part of a proposed strategic network.

Supporting documents which were submitted alongside the application included an ecology report and a wildlife checklist.

Despite the proposed developer highlighting the benefits, many residents still feel the development would not be right for the area.

Janice Randall from Trees Road said: “I cannot believe you are even considering this application to destroy a woodland area that has been designated a nature trail as it houses a large variety of wildlife, some of which are protected.”

She added: “I fully understand that new houses are needed but why not follow others example and convert some of the empty commercial units in the area.

“I would ask you to seriously consider the mayhem this development will cause.” Paul Plummer from Cores End Road said “It would be a shame for such an area to be totally destroyed in this way as it will lead to more houses being built further along the old railway track and ruining the wildlife for future generations.”

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