FOR almost 200 years the sound of music could be heard across the Wye Valley, with bell ringing still proving popular today.

St Paul’s Church tower has been a notable landmark in Wooburn Green since the 15th century, but this year bell ringers are celebrating 200 years of its sound.

The bells all have a long history with one even arriving to the Spade Oak by boat.

Ringing Master, John Walton, said: "For generations the craft of the bell founder was passed down, creating dynasties with the knowledge to cast the most famous bells in the country.

"Modern founding still relies on this knowledge but allies it to science and technology to create musical instruments of great precision.

"Next time you hear those bells, think about how much has changed since they first rang out across the Wye valley."

The group are now hoping more volunteers will sign up to continue the tradition.

If you would be interested in joining, please contact John on 01628 531360 or by emailing For more information please visit