Ministers have been accused of seeking to follow "deranged" processes by denying MPs a vote if no Brexit deal is reached with the EU by a south Bucks MP.

Conservative former minister and Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve said if the Government persists with its approach then he could not support it during a vote on the issue linked to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.

Mr Grieve, a former attorney general, said his stance was intended to put down a marker over the need for the Government to follow a proper process in how it carries out Brexit.

He called for an assurance from Brexit Secretary David Davis that Parliament will be allowed a debate and vote in the event of no deal being reached with the EU.

Mr Grieve told the Commons: "Far from that being an obstruction of the process, I'd expect it to be part of the normal constitutional process and the Government to be seeking the endorsement of the House for that very significant act.

"I do worry that (Mr Davis), who I think personally may well agree with me, has been prevented from saying that at the despatch box.

"I'm afraid I'm not prepared to follow processes which appear to me to be, frankly, deranged.

"There is a clear way of doing things and if we follow them we will come up with the right decisions at each point.

"If we don't, we're going to mire ourselves in chaos.

"So very reluctantly, because I want to support the Government, I have to say if we persist with this I'm going most reluctantly to have to say on that second amendment I can't support the Government this evening.

"I'm very sorry about it, I'd like to be able to do so because the critique raised of the Lords' amendment has some force.

"But somebody has got to put down a marker that we have to follow a proper process in the way in which we carry out Brexit."