A dog walker claims her elderly pet was attacked by five Jack Russell Terriers in the same field where 60 to 70 caravans moved in overnight.

The woman - who wanted to remain anonymous - said around travellers have moved onto a farmer's field near Wilton Park overnight and have parked across public footpaths where she walks her two dogs every day. 

As she took her two Border Collies for a walk there this morning, she says one of them was approached by five dogs in the field. 

She said: "They all went for my dog who is quite weak and elderly. I didn't injure them but I had to kick them away. 

"My dog wasn't physically injured but it has affected him. He is very reluctant and just curled himself up in the corner. It is very upsetting." 

She now wants to warn other people about what she experienced.

She said: "A lot of people walk their dogs there and it is quite a shock to see them there because it is getting quite crowded. Lots of clothes have been left in the field. It is wrong that they can do this." 

A spokesman for Inland Homes, the company that owns the Wilton Park development, confirmed that travellers are not on land owned by them but were aware they could be on a site nearby. 

It comes after a group of travellers were camped at the site yesterday afternoon, with police confirming that patrols have been increased around the area.