A war veteran was visited by members of the Korean Embassy who presented him with an award at a care home in Bourne End.

A celebration was held for Terry Price, a prominent health campaigner originally from Marlow, at Kingfishers Nursing Home in Fieldhead Gardens last month.

Mr Price is a founding member and secretary of the British Korean War Veterans Association (BKWVA) and was presented with an award by members of the Korean Embassy – including Simon Cho, Korean Liason Officer and Captain Ji, Korean Defence Attache, at the care home on April 19.

The BKWVA is open to anyone who has served in the Korean War Theatre, including wives, sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Ruth Sohail, manager at Kingfishers Nursing Home, said the celebration was a “very happy” moment.

She said: “The day went very well, lots of people came to help him celebrate, including members of the Korean Embassy and also his friends.

“It was a very happy moment, but also a sad one as Terry got very emotional. His daughter also came down and joined in the celebration, so overall it was a very happy time for Terry.”

Brian Morley, a BKWVA trustee, said Terry was also supported by the committee of the organisation on the day.

He said: “It really made his day. He is a terrific person. Before the celebration, the BBC came down to interview him about the closure of Marlow Community Hospital.

“Even though he is in ill health he is still a very hardworking person, he works an awful lot and is devoted to the causes he cares about.”

As well as the BKWVA, the veteran was also chairman of the Marlow People’s Action Group and founded a search and rescue charity called the International Rescue Corps in 1981 alongside Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson.  

He was Corps Commander at the charity’s birthplace in Medmenham before it moved to Scotland.

During its time in south Bucks, the International Rescue Corps charity responded to natural disasters, including the devastating Hurricane Hugo which hit Montserrat in 1989 and the 8.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Mexico City in 1985.