A landfill site in Gerrards Cross could become a biogas facility when it reaches capacity next year, after plans were submitted to create a new waste centre by the company that owns it.

Veolia Environmental Services is hoping to create a waste recovery facility (WRF) at Wapseys Wood, an area of Green Belt land off the A40, to replace the current landfill site when it reaches capacity in 2017.

The WRF will divert waste that is currently going to landfill and will have a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year.

They also plan to create a plant which will convert up to 60 per cent of biodegradable waste into a gas which can be burned to produce electricity or heat. The residue can also be used in compost.

Veolia is also planning to produce fuel on the site by shredding waste, as well as an area for sorting, storing and transferring rubbish and recycling.

Veolia say that not developing on the site would see waste that is currently disposed of there diverted further away.

They also argue that rubbish that could be recycled would instead end up on the landfill and that a renewable source of energy would be lost.

The proposed development will provide 48 full time jobs on the site if it is given permission by South Bucks District Council.

Speaking at a Gerrards Cross town council meeting in January, before the application was submitted, cllr Chris Brown said they would “absolutely oppose” a planning application for the site because it would “set a precedent and we will end up releasing green belt for industrial which is wrong.”

Visit www.buckscc.gov.uk/environment/planning/planning-applications/viewing-planning-applications to view the details of application CM/17/16 .