THE catchphrase ‘you’re nicked’ has been spun on its head by daring thieves who pinched items including a life-size cut-out of a copper from police.

The six-foot tall cardboard crime deterrent was put under the long arm of a crook at a police station in the Wycombe LPA, information obtained by the Bucks Free Press reveals.

A truncheon and ‘five blue strobe flashing lights’, likely to be from a police car, were also nabbed from Wycombe police along with an item marked ‘other’.

South Bucks bobbies were relieved of Handcuffs valued at £32.69, while two police notebooks were taken from panda cars.

Meanwhile, thieves looking to shed an extra bit of light on their work grabbed a Maglite torch worth £100 from Chiltern coppers.

The BFP sent a Freedom of Information request to TVP asking for a full list of items stolen from police stations, officers and panda cars from the Wycombe, South Buckinghamshire and Chiltern police areas since January 1, 2010.