Frustrated residents who fear “dangerous” trees near their homes will result in someone getting killed say no action has been taken by owners despite their concerns being raised in the BFP in the summer.

Neighbours who live near Five Acre Wood in Sands say they have been living in fear for years as “diseased” trees keep falling down – damaging houses and cars in the process.

Residents living in Edmunds Gardens decided that enough was enough in June – approaching the BFP to highlight their fears and called on Wycombe District Council and the woodlands’ owners to take action.

After the issue was raised, the woodland’s owner said she had been dealing with “difficult family matters” and pledged to deal with the problem within weeks – but no work appears to have taken place yet.

Nigel Gill says the people in the area are “incensed” by a “long-term lack of action” and letters asking the owner to act and remove dead trees – the last one sent on October 6 - have not had a response.

Alba Management Services, writing on behalf of the residents in Edmunds Gardens, said there is “genuine concern that should they fall they would cause serious damage to the properties”.

Mr Gill said: “This has been going on for years – I have lived here 30 years and the woodland has never been touched. It is unbelievable. There are so many problems with the woods – there is fly-tipping in there and there’s a footpath through there.  

“Somebody needs to deal with it before someone gets hurt. I think Wycombe District Council should go ahead and do the tree work and charge the owners for it.”

County councillor, Darren Hayday, is also concerned about the lack of action. He said: “There are a number of dangerous trees in this wood which have been neglected and now Bucks County Council have had to pay to remove fallen branches/have to cut back overgrown branches which have encroached onto the public road.

“It will only be a matter of time until the next tree falls down or that the branches fall onto property or people.”

Sue Robinson, a spokesman for Wycombe District Council, said a site visit will be made to inspect the problem.

She said: “We're waiting to hear back from the landowner with more information and planning to make a site visit soon. We aim to work with landowners to resolve issues before taking further direct action.”