Drivers have complained of “nightmare” traffic delays near a High Wycombe business park caused by roadworks dotted across the town. 

Douglas Ullah, who works at AIM UK on Lincoln Road, said recently it has been taking him more than an hour to get out of Cressex Business Park in the evening because of different sets of roadworks set up in the area. 

He said: “The problems are really bad and they seem to be getting worse. There are roadworks on Desborough Road and it is a total nightmare. I live in Henley and it took me two hours to get home this week. 

“There are thousands of cars trying to get out in the evening and they are just barricaded. The whole place is gridlocked – you just can’t move. Something really needs to be done.

“The council need to plan better and give people warnings so they can avoid the area. This is occurring regularly now.

“It is not fair that people are having to spend hours sitting in traffic before getting home.” 

The county council has blamed a number of unplanned roadworks in the area – including a huge water leak in West Wycombe Road - for the delays faced by drivers in recent weeks. 

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks said: “Transport for Buckinghamshire is aware of the traffic issues near Cressex Business Park, which were unfortunately exacerbated by two emergency utilities works [on Wednesday], including a major water leak on the West Wycombe Road.  

“We are liaising with all the utility companies to coordinate the works as best possible to ease congestion. 

“We are expecting the West Wycombe Road water leak to be resolved by Thames Water later [on Thursday].”