A former Uber driver who won a landmark case against the taxi giant last year says he is “confident” that judges will rule in his favour after the company appealed the decision. 

Yaseen Aslam, from High Wycombe, was one of two drivers who brought an employment case against Uber last year on behalf of a group of 19 of its workers, who argued they were employed by the firm rather than being self-employed. 

The judge ruled that Uber drivers, part of the so-called gig economy, are not self-employed and should be granted basic employment rights such as being paid the national minimum wage and getting holiday pay. 

The taxi giant appealed the decision - and a ruling is expected tomorrow (Friday). 

Mr Aslam, who started working for the company in 2013 and stayed with the company for two years, says he is “confident” that the judge will rule in their favour. 

He said: “We have been campaigning about this for years and I am confident we will win because we have worked hard on this. We know firsthand what the conditions are like for workers because we were their workers. 

“Obviously we don’t know what the judgement will be - it could go either way - but I think the judge will see through Uber’s claims. 

“The judge has a big responsibility because this will have big implications for millions of people. I feel honoured to have been able to bring this in front of the courts.”

When the married father-of-three first started working for Uber, he was working around 40 hours a week. He told the Bucks Free Press that the last time he worked for the company, that figure had increased to 70-hour weeks and he was taking home, on average, £500 a week before tax and expenses.

Uber is expected to ask for the case to be sent straight to the UK’s Supreme Court if the decision goes against them and they decide to appeal.