WITH more than ten years’ experience working as a letting agent for other companies in Wycombe, Mark Smith has decided the time is right to open his own business.

He launched his online agency Letsmiths on Monday last week and within hours found a tenant for a three bedroom modern house on the east side of the town centre.

“All the landlords I’ve worked for in the past know my face as well as my name,” he acknowledges. “We haven’t just spoken on the phone, we’ve built up a good relationship through regular meetings.

“It’s that level of personal service that will be the bedrock of my own company.”

The boss of the new agency has the advantage of knowing the rental value of any road in the area.

“A one bedroom flat on the east side of town is likely to bring in upwards of £750 a month depending on the style and quality of the property,” he says “whereas on the west side of Wycombe in roads such as Green Street a one bedroom flat is upwards of £600 a month.

“A three bedroom family house on the east side is likely to be £1,000-£1,100 a month, depending on location, whereas houses on Amersham Hill can be £1,500, £1,800, £2,000 a month.

“Everything,” emphasizes the man behind Wycombe’s new letting agency “depends on location and the quality of presentation.

“Tenants can afford to be picky. There are a lot of properties to choose from.

“Kitchens and bathrooms need to be up-to-date, well equipped and pristine.

“Cooking and cleaning are deal makers.

“No landlord can afford to let standards slip, otherwise they risk voids.”