WHOEVER said romance is dead hasn't reckoned with Rich McKee - who could be in line for a change of musical career as a songwriter after releasing his first single.

The music teacher from Marlow had always been the one to write the music rather than pen the lyrics but has just launched his first song, Unbelievable, online.

It's about meeting the one you've been waiting for - but the song is based on his real life experience after the girl of his dreams went off to the other side of the world for a month.

When said girl, Rachel Brackley, returned to England Rich gave the song its first airing during a date at Cliveden.

The rest, as they say, is history as they're now together as a couple - and it's given Rich food for thought about a future songwriting career.

The 25-year-old said: "I always wanted to write a song for the girl I thought I'd end up with. She went to Australia and I used that time to record and write this song. It's about finding and meeting that person you'll spend your life with and I wrote it for her.

"She really loved it when I played it to her. She had no idea - I had to keep it a secret for two months and I'm no good at keeping secrets. She was lost for words and really happy.

"I'd written one song before about when you lose someone you care about. It was for a friend whose nan had passed away.

"I think because of the feedback it would be cool to write a few more songs. It's something I really enjoyed doing. I usually do the guitar part and this is really fresh. It means a lot more than what I've written before."

He added: "I'm quite new to singing my own songs. I teach music and play guitar but never wrote much.

"I've been in four bands, a couple of covers bands and an original band called Simple Reasons. We did quite a few gigs and played alongside a few bands."

Unbelievable is available to download from the website Boot Camp, which charges people however much they're prepared to pay for it.

Rich said: "I'll use whatever I make and put it towards my future with her.

"I've had some really cool feedback from it. People are downloading it ten times."

Go to http://richmckeemusic.bandcamp.com/releases to download Unbelievable.