Review by Rita Carpenter

It is always a pleasure to be invited to any production by the Risborough Youth Theatre (RYT) as, with so much talent within the group, success is assured and this was no exception.

Staged as a musical it was delightful. Well directed by Sara Tingle with some very strong performances. It would be unfair to name individuals within the group with such a large cast. 

Sam Nix, principal of RYT is able to bring out the best in all her pupils which was evident by the enthusiasm and sheer joy of their performances.

There was a large age range and many of the cast undertook more than one role.  The little ones were delightful as pirates and lost boys and played their parts with confidence. 

RYT are fortunate in having live musicians under the direction of Lucy Webster. The sets were amazing and the smooth scene changes were down to the cast themselves who worked so professionally, it could not have been done better.

Wendy was delightful, Peter Pan was superb in his role and a special commendation goes to the talented young man who played both Mr Darling and Captain Hook with ease.

The choreography from Emily Nix and Gemma Tanswell was accomplished and added to the overall enjoyment.

Both sound and visual effects were superb. Once again RYT have staged a vibrant and entertaining production. 

A special mention must surely go to Sam Nix who as well as being principal undertook many other tasks to ensure that everything went smoothly. Well done to everyone you were great.