Last month, the newly discovered 1953 Little Marlow Road Coronation Street party pictures brought a good response, and some names, including from Marlow FC’s Ray Frith who recognised his mum and dad as well as himself. (Ray also showed up in the recent 1960s Jacksons’ football team line-up!)

I had two requests to show the Victoria Road party picture that I mentioned.

This appeared in the first of the “Trip Back In Time” booklets, along with the Newfield Gardens one, but as this edition is now out of print, no harm in reproducing it again in the MFP.

I can recognise quite a few faces in this one! 

My collection also includes a large but very tattered copy of the  Daily Express Coronation Souvenir edition, and I thought you might like to see a few of the nostalgic 1953 adverts, with plenty of incentives to “pay monthly”. 

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