Angry residents have hit out at plans to convert a car park in Marlow into housing.

Red Kite Housing is planning to submit proposals to change a car parking area in Foxes Piece, off Little Marlow Road, into six two-bedroom town houses with integrated parking.

The company says the private development will help subsidise new affordable homes it plans to build in the district over the next few years, and has said it is looking into providing some additional parking bays at Foxes Piece to replace the lost parking.

But residents are worried it will have a negative impact on the already “limited” parking they have, with one resident saying there is a “constant battle” with non-residents who leave their cars in residents’ bays to pick their children up from the nearby school or go into town.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: “Where are we supposed to park?

“There are 25 to 30 cars here when everyone is at work - it is full in the evenings.

“They say they are going to replace the parking spaces but there isn’t enough space for that.

“They are going to submit an application in two weeks and they have only just sent us a letter telling us they’re going to do it.

“This is just outrageous. We need this stopped. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

Another resident, 35-year-old Faheem Ijaz, said they were “taking current residents rights to give to others”.

The father-of-two said: “At this moment we hardly have any parking up front. Anyone can park here. If they build any new construction at the back, it does not leave us anything at all.

“We have around 60 flats here – imagine one car per household – that’s 60 cars. Where are we going to park?”

Matthew Major, 53, said he had “never heard of anything so ridiculous”.

He said: “There is not enough room for six houses. We already have a massive problem [with parking].

Red Kite spokesman Zosia Katnik said the company had done more than other developers would have in informing residents of their plans to submit the proposals by sending them the letters.

She said: “Above everything, our priority is to build new homes and contribute to the national agenda of providing more housing across the country.

“Of course we recognise that with any new development comes local interest and concern around the impact it may have, so we will always work with the community and provide as much information as we can, listening to resident views.

“Usually, planning applications are shared with the local community after submission, however we are keen to do as much as we can early on, so we have written to residents at Foxes Piece ahead of our submission, giving them an opportunity to feedback their thoughts.

“For all planning applications, local residents can comment on these by visiting the Wycombe District Council (WDC) website.

“We will consider concerns raised and try to address these where possible, but while this may not alter our proposals, it will inform them.

“Having worked very closely with travel and transport planners, including planners at WDC who were supportive of the concept, we are working to deliver as many parking spaces as necessary to accommodate the proposed new homes, and to reduce the impact on the existing residents at Foxes Piece.

“For all planning applications, local residents can comment on these by visiting the Wycombe District Council (WDC) website.”