A SCULTPURE created by artist Andrew Sinclair has a starring role in a hit new German rap video that has already been viewed by millions of fans.

Andrew swapped his studio in Bucks for a film set in central Berlin to make a life-size image of music star Sido.

The stone-effect resin sculpture accompanies the song Einer Dieser Steine, which means One Of These Stones.

It is seen throughout the video, which has attracted more than six million viewers on YouTube in the space of a few weeks.

"I was pleased and honoured to be asked to do this by a contact, an ex-student of mine in the film industry, and I had a great time making the sculpture in Germany," he said. "I had a tight deadline of just six days to make the likeness of Sido, but I think they were pleased with the outcome."

However, Andrew, 52 - who runs The Sculpture School in Wendover - admits he had never previously heard of Sido.

"It was always my ambition to sculpt for an A-list celebrity, but the irony is that when this dream finally came true, I didn’t actually know who he was," he said. "But my son tells me he is huge in Germany, and the song is actually very good."

The video comes during a whirlwind period of work for Andrew who is preparing to curate a major six-month sculpture exhibition at Hatfield House from next April. He and his partner, Diane Coates, have recruited several top sculptors to join them at the country house, which was once the home to Elizabeth I.

Andrew also made the news earlier this year when he sculpted busts of Doctor Who actor Colin Baker and Buckinghamshire County Council chairman Carl Etholen.

He said: "I suppose I can now say with some confidence that I have proved my diversity this year. I have a bust of a council chairman that will hopefully be kept for eternity in the Judges’ Lodgings in Aylesbury - which will now be complemented by a German rap video that will stay for all time on the internet."

To see Sido’s video, click here.