AS Bucks braces itself for a weekend of unsettled weather, and flood waters take their toll today, road crews will again be on standby to deal with any emergencies.

Transport for Buckinghamshire’s maintenance crews have been focusing solely on dealing with floods today and the county council has warned people to carefully consider their travel options over the weekend.

Janet Blake, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation said: “With all the rainfall we have had, and the amount of flooding and water on the roads, I would urge people to seriously consider their travel options. Our crews are working very hard to keep as many roads clear as possible, but in some areas driving conditions are very treacherous. Please do drive carefully if you do have to travel.”

TfB crews have been placing flood warning signs where appropriate, clearing drains and gullies to help the water disperse, as well as advising on whether any roads should be closed.

This afternoon 15 roads remained closed. Full, up to date details can be found by clicking here.

Amongst other locations, the crews have been involved in attending floods at Lower Road, Stoke Mandeville, where floods caused the road to be closed. The ‘Super Sucker’ crew have been on site trying to clear the water.

With the forecast remaining unsettled, TfB will have emergency crews working over the weekend to respond to any further flooding or trees blown down in the high winds.

There will be 12 emergency crews available, with a further three specialist contractor crews to deal with any fallen trees.

To report any fallen trees or flooded roads, please call 0845 230 2882.

For updates, please visit the service information centre on and follow twitter @tfbalerts