STAR of BBC3's Impractical Jokers and also a successful actor, Joel Dommett is bringing his latest stand up show to Maidenhead. He has been performing comedy since 2007, after his first gig in LA and was a regular face on MTV- presenting their news bulletins. He performed his first solo Edinburgh Fringe show in 2011 and is brimming with excitement for his first tour. 

Do you rehearse for your tour?

Kind of, with a tour show you have been rehearsing for it since I started stand up. You have got to that point where you are sort of gigging- every night doing as much as you can. Hopefully by the time I do it and start I will be well versed and well rehearsed.

How are you feeling about your first tour?

I get very excited, very easily. But I am genuinely excited about it. It is my first tour- it is a mixture of stuff from the last two Edinburgh shows.

What can the audience expect?

They can expect to hopefully laugh. If you don't laugh at a comedy show something has gone wrong along the way. Also you can expect a nun chuck to happen at the end.

What kind of reaction do you get these days?

You do gigs all the time. You have some horrible people who don't want to see you- at the weekend with stag and hen dos and stuff. They are drinking and you are in the background. I've had some horrendous gigs. But when people have paid to see you it is going to be really fun. Doing gigs to your audience it is the best... Posh people are quite bad a laughing. I had this gig the other night and something in the second row shouted out, 'Why don't you just read out the raffle?' You know the gig is going to be terrible when the headline is the tombola.

Do you still get bad gigs?

It goes smoothly more than it goes badly. When it does go badly I quite enjoy it. This is really fun- they don't like it. You learn more from the battle.

What inspired you to be a comedian?

For many years I was watching other people doing it. It was an egotistical view of I can do better than that. It takes over five years to be better than that. Hopefully now I am at that point.

When was your first good gig?

I can remember doing well in my second gig. But also how I would rate doing well now is so different to then. I was clearly terrible at it for a really long time.

Did you find it easy to get up on stage?

Not really. I am not the most confident man in real life. I find it quite hard work. I wish I was one of those egotistical people, confident people, who could go up to people in bars and say how's it going let's kiss each other's face off. I hand at the back of the bar and watch all evening and watch them go home without me.

The second series of Impractical Jokers started on BBC3 on Monday. Hidden camera show where comedians set each other unbelievably awkward challenges. Did you enjoy filming it?

It's really exciting. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it. People love that show. It's really great to be involved in it.

Which comedians did you enjoy watching when you were growing up?

Billy Connelly. My mum always used to watch Dave Allen. I loved Bottom with Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall. That was favourite thing.

Joel Dommett is at Norden Farm, Maidenhead on March 12 at 8pm. Tickets are £10 from 01628 788997 or go to

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