A COMMEMORATIVE plaque dedicated to one of the country’s war heroes will be going to Beaconsfield after the council agreed to pay for a duplicate.

The plaque dedicated to VC Francis Grenfell is given to the birthplace of the fallen heroes and because the officer was born in Guildford, despite living in Beaconsfield from a young age, the town was not going to receive the commemorative item.

However, the Beaconsfield Town Council have agreed to cover the costs of the duplication and hope to unveil the plaque later on in the year.

Councillor Alan Walters said: “There is money available to cover the costs of this. We are looking for funding as we want to arrange for other things to mark the centenary.

“The history is very important we are looking at a number of things, we are trying to get involved with people in the community including schools. It is important that people remember what happened.”

Captain Grenfell moved to Beaconsfield as a child and is listed on the town’s war memorial after dying in battle at the very start of the conflict.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the joint highest military accolade, for protecting guns from the enemy after being shot and severely wounded in 1914.

Kari Dorme of the Beaconsfield Society said: “We are pleased that it has now been confirmed that we will be getting the commemorative stone.

“He may not have been born here but he is very much our hero, he is Beaconsfield’s hero.

“He is on the memorial statue and now it is nice to have this to mark his life.”