TODAY an 11-year-old girl with a severe nut allergy will raise awareness for all food allergies at Manor Farm Junior School.

Emma Holden, who has a severe allergy to all forms of nuts, is campaigning to educate everyone further about just how life threatening allergies can be.

The 11-year-old has arranged for all the teachers to wear orange wigs so children will ask why and she is also going to give a presentation to the school explaining all the details regarding her allergy.

Emma’s mother, Lesley Holden, 43, said: “I have bought orange wrist bands printed with a message on for every child to have and wear. Hopefully when they go home wearing this, their mums and siblings will ask why and they can spread the word.

“We are doing this because recently we had a scary incident where I had to administer her EpiPen, it was horrible as we had to do it twice because she couldn't breathe – it was that bad.”

Ms Holden continued that since this incident Emma has realised how severe her allergy is and that she now wants others at the school to be more aware.

Ms Holden said that she is very proud of her daughter for being so mature about the issue, she said: “She is only 11-years-old and she is very mature and she is in total control.

“I had a read through some of the facts in her presentation sand some of them are absolutely fantastic!

“I do worry but we know that she has this for the rest of her life. As a parent you can’t give that fear over to your child. It is great to see that she is starting to mange it for herself now.”

Ms Holden has praised Manor Farm Junior School for having a “no nut” policy and hopes that after today’s event more parents will think twice about including nuts in their children’s lunchboxes.