YOU wouldn't normally expect to see Jimmy Carr and legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin lining up together but the link up was made reality thanks in part to a Buckinghamshire writer.

Steve Colgan, from Hazlemere, is one of the writers on Radio 4 show The Museum of Curiosity – which is effectively the sister show of television programme Qi.

The progamme is presented by comedian Carr and tonight in the last in this series they chat with the famous space adventurer.

Researcher Mr Colgan, an ex-policeman, helped organise for Aldrin to appear on the programme, broadcasting at 6.30pm this evening.

“It was wonderful, it wass a real thrill to meet him,” Steve said.

“I'm old enough that I saw the moon landings, I was eight years old at the time it was 3am in the UK when it happened and all the school kids were allowed to stay up to watch it that night.

“It was just staggering watching it and to meet the guy that walked on the moon, one of only 12 people who's done it, was extraordinary.

“He was a terrific guy, so friendly and chatty, and we were able to go back after the show to his hotel bar and chat some more.”

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